CNBC Social Media Campaign

I was contacted by Victoria to help create imagery for a CNBC social media campaign. The campaign centered around MAKE IT, a sub division of CNBC that focuses on stories of success, leadership, and entrepreneurship. The graphics would be used on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

At first Victoria and Anna wanted to create an extension of the current MAKE IT branding. They originally had 4 hashtags they wanted to focus on (#protips, #jobgoals, #madeit, #quotes) and were open to a complete exploratory which was such a blast!. Each could have their own style but must look like a set when presented together. Maybe some hand-lettering, a new color palette, illustration, and/or special photography treatments to help jazz up stock imagery? I presented inspiration/mood boards and the team was excited about the new direction. However, when presented to marketing, our concepts were thought of as skewing too far off brand. Drats! However, I have been here a million times before! So we reeled in our designs a bit and stuck to the MAKE IT font and color palette. Eventually 4 hashtags became one and it became a more straight forward brief. CNBC ended up using imagery with a combination of strong typography and bold black and white photography. The solution is elegant, iconic, and most importantly, well received!

ROLE: Lettering, Design, Art Direction
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Victoria Todis, Anna Gonzalez


Digital Typography